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Clearway Plumbing is one of the leading companies in drain repair. We use up to date and latest technology in repairing that are cost effective and cause minimum disruption. We possess trained and professional plumbers who have profound knowledge in solving all types of drainage issues. Moreover, we have 45 years of experience in this industry so you can trust and rely on us in solving your issues quickly. We provide excellent customer service and due to this individual’s contact us for their drain repair in Wokingham.

Drain repair Wokingham No-Dig or Trenchless Repairs

As the name suggests this technique does not require digging and is considered as a most popular method in repairing any drain issue. It gives a quick, reliable fix that will not be a strain on your wallet.

Clearway Plumbing is an expert in using these techniques. And for over 45 years have provided the most cost effective and efficient solutions. This technique involves inserting of a liner into the drain and is moved into a proper position, which is then filled with the resin. After that, it is inflated that will make a thin layer into a strong one and when the cure time is passed then it is removed and the drain starts functioning normally.

drain repair wokingham
drain repair wokingham 1

Structural Repairs

Patch Liners- This is the most cost effective technique and is used to fix the isolated defects within a drain.
Ambient Cured Lining- This technique is used to cover multiple defects within a drain.
Heat Cured Lining- This technique is used for larger diameter pipes in fixing the multiple defects.
Excavation- This is a traditional method and is used when drain replacement is needed or to rectify the collapsed drains.

If you want to know more about our service of drain repair in Wokingham then contact us at  07484129963 or email us at info@clearwayplumbinganddrains.co.uk. We will be happy to help you and discuss with you your problems. We also offer a free quotation.

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