Drain lining repair in Gerrards

We are the experts in providing the reliable drain lining repair Gerrards   and make sure that the service we provide remains within your budget and meet your needs. Several things can cause damage to the drains and if not fixed immediately can cause them to collapse. Root ingression, water infiltration, movement of the ground is some of the main causes. Previously, the traditional method of excavation was used to repair the pipe. But this is not the case anymore as we use modern technology and methods in drain lining repair. Our no dig repair techniques can repair your damaged drains quickly, efficiently and without causing any disruption.


Patch Lining

Water entering through the open joints can cause serious damage to the pipes as it will wash away all the supporting soil. This can cause the complete failure of the drain and disrupt your daily routine. If this problem is not fixed immediately it will cause the drains to collapse and there is no other method to fix it but to excavate.

At Clearway Plumbing we use patch lining method to fix the crack. It also reduces the risk of issues that can occur in the future. Our expert plumbers can also repair the small cracks by using this efficient method.


Drain Lining

When the damage is severe then the pipe needs to be replaced and for this excavation method is used or soft lining techniques. In this the liner is filled with polyester resin which is then put into its place using water or air pressure. And when cure your pipes will return to its original condition. This process can be completed in one day or in several days; this depends on the type of resin used.

  • It is a cost effective method that causes minimum disruption.
  • Sturdy and strong against ground movement.
  • It provides a strong barrier against water ingress and root penetration.


For more information about our drain lining repair  Gerrards contact us at 07484129963 or email us at info@clearwayplumbinganddrains.co.uk.

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