Unblocking and Drain lining repair service in Slough

There are many issues that can cause drains to get damage like root ingress, and ground water leaking into the pipes. Drain lining is the most effective way to restore any damage drains without causing any disruption. This procedure is done without any digging or excavation. There are various methods available when providing drain lining repair  Slough service but it depends on the type of the problem.

Those homes that have traditional pipes installed suffer the most from this kind of issue. These pipes over the years gets deteriorated which causes the pipes to collapse bringing a drain system to stand still. Using latest equipment we can solve this issue efficiently and quickly. A liner is inserted inside the pipes which will strengthens and restore the existing pipes function.

drain lining repair slough
drain lining repair

Localised Patch Repair

This method is used when your pipe has a small damage and can be done while on the site. We have modern vehicles that carry out these localized patch repair. In this method, a sleeve is inserted into the section of the damaged pipe same as a re-lining system. It is then filled with a set pressure that once cured restore the pipe into its original condition. The pipes on which this method can be performed are clay, plastic, and concrete and pitch fibre. This is suitable when you have a cracked pipe, leaking pipes, sealing of the displaced joints, and broken pipes.

If you need our professional drain lining repair service or have any queries then do not hesitate to contact us at 07484129963 or email us at info@clearwayplumbinganddrains.co.uk. Our customer representatives will be happy to help you. We guarantee that you will get 100% satisfaction and will not be disappointed in choosing us for your issues. So do not wait and contact us now!

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